Dear guests,

In the course of the pandemic and the provisions of the Infection Protection Act, we have taken some precautions for you to offer you a relaxing stay and the highest possible level of health protection.
Please note the following precautions that we have taken:

Disinfection in the rooms:

  • We  daily room cleaning in order to avoid contact. If you cancel the room service at reception by 9 p.m. the day before,
    you will receive a voucher for our bar worth € 10.00.
  • The mineral water in the room is a free gift of the house
  • Your room will be disinfected with one cleaning, including the door handles and the floors, as well as various points of contact, such as toilet paper holders, door knobs, key cards, etc.
  • Your room will be thoroughly ventilated each time it is cleaned
  • After departure, all textiles are disinfected and replaced
  • There are currently no room folders, flyers or other carriers of infection in the room. Please feel free to use our digital guest directory
  • The housekeeping team disinfects the hands before entering the room to be cleaned and wears a mask during the cleaning process
  • We use surface disinfectants as standard in our cleaning agents

Wellness facilities an thermal bath:

  • Access to the thermal baths is not permitted for people who are sick with Covid-19 or who are in direct contact with Covid-19 patients or who have symptoms of illness
  • Entering your data on the contact form is a prerequisite for access to the thermal baths - please note the registration system and the information on site
  • The team disinfects the entire area several times a day
  • Please note that we have the loungers with the appropriate minimum distances
    have placed
  • Please note the limitation of the number of people in the respective areas (changing room, hair dryer area, etc.)
  • The operation of the steam bath is currently prohibited

Operation of the sauna area

  • The saunas have to be used without an infusion
  • The operation of the steam bath is currently prohibited
  • Please use the sheets we have provided for you in your room
    as a pad in the sauna
  • Please do not use the wellness areas if you feel sick
  • Please note the minimum distance between the loungers that we have provided for you


The breakfast buffet ist pampering you without regulations. Please wait to bea seated at the entrance.


  • We have rearranged our tables throughout the restaurant with a minimum spacing of 1.5 meters
  • Access to the restaurant is only possible via the main entrance. This access can also be used for the terrace area. 
  • Please note the 2G rule for access and have the proof ready if you are not a house guest.
  • We disinfect tables, chairs and seats after each guest
  • We ventilate our interiors once an hour with a 3-minute burst ventilation
  • According to the state regulation Corona Baden-Württemberg, we are obliged to record the name, date and time of the visit as well as contact details such as e-mail address or telephone number of all guests. This data is used by the health authorities to track contacts and is deleted after 4 weeks. We use the Luca app for this. 
    Please understand that we can only serve you after you have entered the contact details.
  • Please understand that we ask you to reserve in advance so that we can better plan for your protection
  • Please understand that we currently allow a maximum stay of 90 minutes per guest in order to limit the contacts and to be able to provide the best possible evidence of a possible chain of infection.
  • Please wait in the entrance area for one of our employees to assign you a table
  • All of our employees wear protective masks
  • We recommend contactless payment by card. The card device is disinfected by us after each use
  • Regular hand washing has always been part of everyday work for our kitchen and service employees
  • Our toilets are disinfected every hour by our employees
  • Main contact areas such as door handles, tables and handrails are also disinfected every hour.
  • Disinfectants can be found in various places, such as the entrance of the hut, toilet entrance and other points for you
  • Please note the seat signs for distance regulation
  • Please understand that we currently do not offer buffets, only plate dishes
  • An hourly push ventilation is carried out in the restaurant premises
  • The service team disinfects the hands after every kitchen and cleaning cycle
  • The service team disinfects their hands before coverslipping
  • The rags and utensils of our team are disinfected and cleaned daily

Hotel area

  • Please feel free to use the disinfectant that we have made available to you in several places
  • Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other guests
  • For your protection and to protect our employees, we have attached a plexiglass pane to the check-in and check-out area
  • After check-out, your room cards will be disinfected immediately if you put them in the box provided
  • Registration forms and check-in take place at separate stations in the lobby
  • The surfaces in the lobby, such as hand knobs, elevator buttons, tables, etc. are disinfected every hour by our employees
  • The toilets in the hotel area are checked and disinfected every hour
  • There is a disinfectant dispenser near the elevator on every floor
  • Access to the reception is via spacers
  • There are notices on the hygiene rules at various points

Warm, open and guest-oriented service is very important to our employees. At the moment we are not shaking hands with you, but we would like to make up for it with our smile and the warm and cordial words.
In addition, it is a matter of course for us in all areas to wash our hands regularly and frequently and to adhere to strict hygiene measures. Our employees receive regular instructions and training on hygiene rules and wear a fresh mouth and nose protection cover every day. In addition, our non-immunized employees are tested for Covid-19 infection every two days before starting work.
Regular hygiene is a matter of course for us and has therefore only been intensified. Disinfection options and distance regulations have also been introduced in the employee area.

So that we can be there for our guests again from now on and are a place of relaxation and Black Forest idyll, we ask that you support us and also pay attention to a high level of hygiene and a high degree of personal responsibility.
We thank you for your understanding at this special time and thank you,
that we can welcome you as a guest in our house.

Best regards

Your Hotel Therme Teinach Tteam