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Anno Dazumal Bad Hotel
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Lieblingsbad der Herzöge von Württemberg

Almost 250 years ago, Duke Carl Eugen stopped off in Bad Teinach to visit the spa. He had 326 people in his luggage. Everyone had heard of the famous mineral spring. That was far more than the population of the spa at that time. The idyllic gem near Calw, in the middle of the Black Forest, has been known far beyond the country's borders for generations because of its healing spring. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the mineral spring was very much in vogue with the nobility. Prince Friedrich von Baden was cured of typhus here, Katharina von Westfalen, Napoleon's sister-in-law, enjoyed the healing water and the poet Johann Victor von Scheffel and the Duke of Cambridge also strengthened their health from the power of the Black Forest rock. Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg was so enthusiastic about the place that he immortalized himself with a palace that served him as his summer residence. In the middle of the 19th century, King Wilhelm I of Württemberg had a bathhouse, a pump room and a hotel built - the ensemble was named "Bad-Hotel". While the dukes feasted on the medicinal water in wooden tubs, the house with its eventful history has changed again and again over the years and has now blossomed into a glamorous and cozy thermal hotel with many amenities. The tradition exists alongside the modern, historical and modern architecture are respectfully and stylishly coordinated with each other. In the past, as now, the most important concern was that the guests feel comfortable here, recharge their batteries and enjoy coming back again and again. The Bad Teinach spring tirelessly supplies the beneficial healing water, which always gushes fresh from the earth. Just as we did then, we now fill the house with harmony and hospitality - and our guests fill it with life and satisfaction.